Principal’s Welcome


   Welcome to Shobara Kakuchi Senior High School!
My name is Mamoru Imaoka and I have had the honor of being the principal at Shobara Kakuchi Senior High School since April 1, 2014.

   Our school turns 117 years old this year; our motto, 格物致知 (Japanese: Kakubutsu-chichi, pinyin: géwùzhìzhī) derives from a phrase in The Great Learning, one of the “Four Books" in Confucianism, and means that “struggle through the facts to seek out the truth, to reach great wisdom.” Our founder, Genkichi Oda, named his school Kakuchi-Gakuin, with a belief that this is the ideal of education.
   Our goal is not just providing our students with knowledge and skills, but to do our best to nurture the following qualities in our students:

Intelligence --- the ability to think, understand things, and judge properly

--- the ability to create something new with intelligence

--- the will to keep going when faced with great challenges

We help each of our students achieve his or her self-realization based on these qualities.

   Designated as a “challenger high school” by the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education, we have been chartered with a mission to develop capable human resources and to mold students into leading members of the community. Shobara Kakuchi Senior High School offers outstanding opportunities in a variety of areas, including: academic studies, international exchange programs with our sister school in Malaysia, language learning lessons, as well as giving students opportunities to rediscover traditional aspects of our own country. This diverse range of study allows our students to acquire a well rounded and global point of view.
   I am confident that we will continue to support and guide all Shobara Kakuchi students so they will be able to achieve self-fulfillment and personal growth, resulting in secure and successful future career.

Mamoru Imaoka